Become a Food Vendor

  • Guidelines:

    • Crawfest receives 25% of Gross Sales to be paid at end of each day (This is non negotiable)
    • Vendor must accept Cash and Credit
    • No Vendor will be allowed to sell any liquid without written prior permission from Crawfest
    • Crawfest does not provide any utilities, tables, or tents
    • Vendors are expected to handle all Sales Tax Requirements
    • All Vendors must be fully loaded in by 1PM March 22, and 9AM March 23
    • Must participate fully both days
    • No Vendor shall leave before the event concludes each night and paying Crawfest (Friday Approximately 10PM, Saturday Approximately 8:30PM)

    Once we receive your fully completed application, we will review and email you letting you know if you have been accepted or not. All applicants will receive an answer before March 1, 2019.